Deze reactie komt van een dame die een sessie bij mij heeft meegemaakt. Er is over yoni-therapie een hele discussie gaande op het forum van Flair.be. Deze reactie maakt deel uit van de discussie maar leek mij goed om hier te plaatsen.

I hope nobody minds if I write in English: unfortunately my written Flemish is not very good….nobody is perfect … But I would like to write a few lines about this subject, as I went thru such a “session”.

Lets start with saying that everyone has different needs: for some people, as I saw in this forum, the official title or specific name definition seems to be important: never mind what you do but call it by a specific (right) name and have the right piece of paper on the wall stating what you do.

The truth is, this kind of therapy (lets call it therapy for the sake of the discussion) is something unusual! see it the way you like, call it the way you like, it all fits after all…for some people is just relaxing, for some it is therapeutical, for some people it awkens parts that were dormant, for some it recharges the batteries…..but it always has an effect, which can also be negative.

Unfortunately women often lack the physical attention: I know guys will jump at me for this but, in my experience and (many) stories shared and situations seen, what guys think is being a good lover/carer for a woman is not what a woman calls so. I met guys who told me for instance they spend a long time pleasing women….they did spend a long time but did not have a clue….and here, this type of massage fills the gap.

Is this massage common?? no it certainly is not! Is it 100% sexually free? no, I cannot say it is!….there is anyway a strong sexual component, even without the actual act taking place. Is it for everyone? no, I certainly don’t think everyone can handle this: also as masseur as well as the person being treated; as a masseur, you anyway need to distance yourself to a certain degree and personally, I do not know how my masseur did it…..but he did; he never trespassed what we knew he should not trespass…

As a person treated, you must be able to let go and, it is a very vulnerable and intimate situation…..not everyone can do that and not everyone needs to either. But, I ask myself, to a certain level, there is obviously a need for such a treatment: why is it so? no woman would put herself in this situation just “zomaar”, like she would go to a movie! While most of the guys will jump at any occasion to be sexually satisfied, woman have different need and it is not that obvious! why does such a therapy have clients?

I know for instance, besides the cases I described before, women with a troubled past (abuse of all kinds) would find solace and rest in such a therapy….and so, even if (and I told my masseur that !) I don’ think I could handle my husband giving such a massage to other women and, if most of husbands knew what kind of massage their women go to they would go crazy, I still welcome the fact that this exists….for me, it was a good solution to my need, without stepping out of certain boundaries I imposed to myself. Other women have other boundaries…..